Every thing in place

Place is everything. Where you
come from and where you're going.
Where you spend time with friends
and family, and where you go to
be by yourself. Where you're
happiest and at your best, and
where you feel totally at home.
I believe that all of these places
– whether physical or emotional,
real or imagined, far away or
nearby – inform and inspire
good design.

Designed space

Stimulated, refreshed, energized
and confident – this is how I
want you to feel, both during the
design process and after our work
together is done. I'm here to
help you articulate your own
sense of place – what it looks
like, how it works, and how it
makes you feel – and make it
reality, whether it's as simple
as sourcing a single piece of
furniture, or as complex as a
renovation or new build.

Words of encouragement

From Toronto to Tuscany, my
clients and collaborators around
the world inspire and inform my
designs, which have been featured
in the pages of The Globe and
, Canadian House and Home,
and The National Post. To find
out more, or to schedule a studio
visit, please contact me at the
phone number or e-mail below.

My team. Your space.
Everything in place.